Certifications / Warranty

The ClearFox®By Breizho compact filter is fully organic. The quality of the tanks and equipment meets European and French requirements. The tests on the effectiveness of treatment, durability, leakproofness and structural strength of non-collective sewerage systems in the framework of the CE marking were carried out in accordance with Annex ZA of European Standard EN 12566-3 + A1 + A2. These tests were carried out by the "PIA" certified laboratory in Aachen, Germany.

Structural Behavior: PIA 2007-BT-010

Lateral load PIT TEST: PIA 2010-ST-PIT1003-1008

Waterproofness: PIA 2007-WD001

Treatment Efficiency: PIA 2013-185B40e.02

Purification performances:

MES ≤ 30 mg/l

DBO5 ≤ 35 mg/l

Agrément France

    Ministerial Accreditation France: N°2014-008

To consult the Notice of Approval published in the Journal de la République Française

Breizho: ClearFox Nature 4EH, 6EH, 8EH, 15EH click the link below.


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