Made in Germany

The ClearFox® compact filter has been manufactured in Germany since 2007 by PPU Umwelttechnik, a company specializing in domestic waste water treatment and wastewater treatment for the food industry, for municipalities (500 to 3000 EH ).

ClearFox® is an innovative compact filter that works without electricity.

Indeed, it does not use a control box, a pump and / or a booster for its operation.

Easy to install and use, it does not require any special maintenance.

"Under normal conditions of installation, use and maintenance, the elements constituting the ClearFox® Nature station, due to the nature of the materials used (plastics and stainless steel) do not need to be renewed" (extract from the owner manual - ClearFox® Nature range, validated by the Ministry of the Environment of France).

Its main characteristics are its extremely stable operation (underload and overload) and the considerable reduction in long-term costs due to the lack of technical parts and low disposal and maintenance costs.

Reliability and robustness of the tanks:





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